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About the Luton Concert Orchestra:

The Luton Concert Orchestra was founded in 1962 by Bryan Summerfield and Roy Hammond with the aim of promoting the playing of light classical music in the area, using players from the local population. The repertoire is very varied, including selections from some of the all-time great musicals, Gilbert & Sullivan, film music and so on. The players come from a variety of backgrounds and we are particularly keen on encouraging young people, many of whom in the past have been very talented and have gone on to higher musical training. We do two concerts a year – one usually in April/May and the other at the start of October. We now have added a pre-Christmas charity concert to our schedule, a combined venture with the renowned Vauxhall Male Voice Choir which has proved a very popular event in Dunstable and considerable sums of money have been sent to a designated local charity. These have included local schools for children with disabilities, the air ambulance and LAMP – the Luton Accommodation and Move-on Project – helping homeless young people in the area.

The orchestra has played in a number of different locations previously, and in 2010 the decision was made to move to the Methodist Church in the centre of Dunstable town. This Church has good facilities and there is a large car park next it.

We are always looking for new players, especially those of stringed instruments. We do not hold auditions but it is helpful if players are at least of Grade 5 standard. There is more information about playing with the Orchestra under the ‘Joining’ menu item, and if you are interested in joining or at least giving us a go, please use the ‘Contact/Links’ menu item to get in touch.